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When I went from the village... (2018)

Rézhúros Band

Our short story


"Tradition is not to be nured, because it is not sick. Do not have to guard because it is not a prisoner. Our traditions can only exist if we live them! "

Ferenc Sebő

Most of our band-members first met with folk music and folk art through folk dance classes, which quickly captured us. But soon we had to realize that dance and music – although inseparable from each other – were difficult to do both at the same time. So we decided to choose folk music, which is defining our lives ever since.

Most of the band-members are from the same village, called Üllés, which is well-known for it's traditional 40 years-old folklore heritage. By participating in regular trainings we would like to deepen in our rich heritage with the help of our acclaimed masters, who have also had the opportunity to learn from many legendary musicians. During these trainings we made friendship with the other members of the band. Therefore, the band has a special atmosphere: the ambition of learning new melodies and the joy of music together is the common ground.

All in all, it is not only a band, rather a folk music workroom and a circle of friends. As a consequence, we believe in the community-creating power of traditional hungarian folk culture.

We gladly play in a dancehouse because we primarily determined ourself as dancehouse musicians. We strongly believe that our cultural heritage is a great way to have fun and táncház is the best place for that. However, we do not afraid to play a concert or a performance with folkdance groups.



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